Hadrian Burrows

Ranger, Psychopath, Shark


About ye high
Really short dark brown hair
Wears gray-black shark leather armor and a black cloak (helps for hiding)
Wears sundark goggles in the day. Keeps them around his neck at night.
Has a gas mask around his neck while adventuring, ready to strap on at a moment’s notice.
Wears camo paint or black face paint while adventuring or scouting.
Has one kukri on either side of his belt.
Has one kukri on each thigh.
His voice sounds like breaking glass.

Kind of pretty, if you’re into elves with no balls. They’re an acquired taste.


Kicked out of his home for a crime against fashion.
Balls lopped off.
Moved to the island of shellspear.
Stalked and killed a few elves.
Killed some people.
Is a ranger.
Lives in a van down by the river.
Wears a shark now.

Hadrian Burrows

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