The largest of several free towns, nestled in a great deep harbor at one side of a wild, dangerous island. Arms of reef and jungle-covered earth reach in great arcs, sheltering the harbor from the worst of the weather and making its entrance a maze that delays and hinders any force large enough to threaten conquest or destruction. Pirates dock here in abundance, but thousands of less dangerous folk have begun to make lives for themselves outside the judgement and control of the authoritarian colonies that dot many of the largest islands in the archipelago. After the last great slave revolt, the population has nearly doubled, and for the first time, citizens are clearing large swathes of forest further inland, driving away the predators and turning chaotic growth into regimented soil.

The city numbers around eighteen or nineteen thousand inhabitants, many of these being freed slaves from the very recent revolt and mass exodus orchestrated by The Lost Man. In fact, the only notable point of violence was in the expulsion of Ceuran forces- While the people of Shellspear tried to banish them as smoothly as possible, there was some degree of resistance in the process. The city and the country now regard each other warily, in a sort of uneasy truce. While the Coalition could crush the city if it brought it’s full might to bear, Khalidor still looms in the north and no one wants to be the example makers by wiping out a single impudent settlement.

Following the newfound independence, the city was hasty to set up a brand new system of government. A mayor was elected and a guard force raised. Many of the two hundred twenty-odd had served as navymen or even pirates during the Pirate War, having enough combat experience and finding themselves without a ship, they joined up with the city watch, swelling it’s numbers. As such, the city is considered well maintained, even if several Shellspear Criminal Guilds operate nearly in the open. They simply have too much power to attack directly.

While ragtag adventurers gather to strike the earth and begin to explore, merchants and criminals alike start to sink their hooks into the burgeoning community, attempting to gain a foothold in the enterprises and opportunities sure to result in the seeming center of the free New World, the self-proclaimed Jewel of Emvar both resources and contacts alike. And some have darker plans for this symbol of freedom and revolution from colonial rule.


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